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About Go Africa

Africa has witnessed rapid economic growth in recent years and keeps bringing new opportunities. Many Chinese companies are investing in Africa. Huawei has been serving companies in Africa for over 20 years and knows exactly what they need for IT architecture. HUAWEI CLOUD is developed based on Huawei's mature IT capabilities and will power the companies on the cloud.

Local data centers
Specialized IT service
Reliable support
Cost-effective resources

Low latency and high stability

The world first cloud region in Africa to serve your enterprise.

On-demand support service

Service teams across China and African countries to secure your business, 24/7.

Mature IT capabilities

HUAWEI CLOUD boosts your business on the cloud based on Huawei's long-term operation in Africa.

High performance at low cost

Cloud servers powered by proprietary chip to offer high network, computing, and storage performance.


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Cloud Connect

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Direct Connect

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Elastic Cloud Server

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Elastic Volume Service

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Object Storage Service

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