Technology & Service Advantages

A one-stop, full-stack solution covering chips, connections, and cloud services able to fulfill all your needs. The public cloud platform achieves a level of security higher than any stand-alone effort. Baselines, utilities, and intelligence-enabled capabilities are built into every layer, component, and service. Get the umbrella protection of the HUAWEI CLOUD.

Drawing from the rich pool of ICT tech that made Huawei famous, HUAWEI CLOUD is able to deliver unparalleled security and reliability in every connection and cloud service it provides –it is just in our genes.

Huawei continues to step up its investments in cutting-edge technologies like big data and AI to help customers stay innovative and ready to meet ever-changing market requirements.

Huawei has provided award-winning localized technical support services in Thailand for nearly 20 years now, helping customers solve problems with the quickest response times in the region.

Data Center Advantages
High Performance

Data centers comply with international Tier 3+ standards and use Huawei-developed high-performance chips, servers, storage and network devices.

Local EEC Access

Located in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) of Thailand, HUAWEI CLOUD processes data locally. Customers can quickly access reliable, trustworthy, and ever-improving public cloud services.

High-Speed Connectivity

Ultra-low latency and ultra-high bandwidth Internet access is provided via multiple carriers. Routes are dynamically selected to ensure optimal experience.

Provides Scalable, On-demand Computing Resources

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